5 Steps to Better SEO

Among the greatest challenges that face website owners is getting visitors to their websites. This is accomplished through getting top search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo or Bing. One way companies do this is to assign this work to their in-house staff.  Another way is by hiring a top Long Island SEO company.  Whichever direction a company chooses, it is always dependent on the company’s website structure and particularly the content of the website and backlinks to their website.  SEO’s sometimes offer their backlink audit services as a great way to gain insight to a website’s backlink portfolio.

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It’s vital that you understand if you’re marketing a well-known product or service that you might have 100s, even 1000’s of competing websites for the same top search engine rankings. To get the advantage against your competition, you must do some fine-tuning of your site with on-site SEO. This isn’t as complex as it sounds and the steps below can provide you with a starting point to optimize your website to obtain top search engine rankings.

Step One: Look into the layout and style of the website

Although it may seem you possess an impressive website, it may have some problems. Does your copy start midway on the page, which makes it harder for search engines like Google to understand what your website is about? Do you have bloated extra-large graphics which make your page slow to load or an excessive amount of whitened space between your lines? It isn’t hard to tweak your website to make search engines know what your site is about, as well as making your content easily found by visitors.  You want your content to appear as high on the page and in the source code as possible.

Step Two: Have placed your key phrases smartly throughout your website?

Keyword stuffing has long been frowned upon by search engines and will likely lead to a penalty as well.  Insufficient amounts keyword phrases are also bad, as the search engines will not know what your website is actually about.  It’s no longer adequate just to place your keyword phrases within the title and meta data, you must have a particular percentage placed properly in your copy and titles. Your critical keyword is ideally found in the first paragraph of text, and ought to be utilized in heading lines (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6) as well as in your hyperlinks.

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Step Three: Backlinks and sitemaps

To get your site indexed by the search engines, you have to make certain that all your pages are being discovered by the search engines spiders.  There are numerous services like Google’s Webmaster Tools which will show you if your website is being indexed properly. It is vital that you incorporate a site map inside your site that shows all of the links to your inner pages.  You will also need to build a site map of all your pages specifically for the search engine robots to follow in order to identify all of your pages. One excellent piece of software is A1 Sitemap Generator.  On-page SEO is equally as essential as off-page SEO.

Step Four: Back links – Quality versus Quantity

When you’re attempting to position your website in a highly competitive category, you will need quality backlinks to your website.  You will notice that if you have good content inside your site others are prepared to link to your website because it provides credibility for their own sites.

One great way to get links back to your website is through high quality content.  Hiring a search engine optimization company is an excellent, time saving and relatively inexpensive way to get this done. Don’t overlook the fact that quality will one-up quantity every time when it comes to getting your site top SEO services.

Step Five: Keep current with internet search engine rules

Search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing change their algorithms daily and it’s important to help keep your website current. This isn’t as hard as it might seem, you will find numerous forums and blogs around the internet that often publish information on the most recent changes, SiteProNews.com is an excellent resource for this.  Sign up for informative news letters and join relevant forums to keep yourself on top of all the changes.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be complex, but following these couple of easy steps offers great fundamentals to get started.

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